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    Roqué’s First Friday Films: Building Benches at Chinkapin Craftstead (07/01/22)

    Today is the first Friday of July. It is time to share a new short film that I have made!

    As of this past spring, I have worked as the Director of Programs at Chinkapin Craftstead Land Project. It is a nonprofit organization based in Woodbury, TN, that cares for over 300 acres of forest and builds community through arts and craft-related events and programming. There is already a community of people working together to build hiking trails, care for a vegetable garden, and help with events.

    Back in April, several folks came together at Chinkapin to build a few Leopold benches that would be distributed to different groups and households in the local area. I was on hand to film the entire process from cutting the wood to piecing together all of the different parts. You will see all of that in this short film and hear a new song that I wrote and recorded for this project.

    Chinkapin Crafstead is a unique organization that incorporates land preservation and the advancement of the arts in its mission statement. I am proud to be able to help carry out its intentions as a staff member. Watch these beautiful Leopold benches come together by pressing the “Play” button above.

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    Roqué’s First Friday Films: Baker Baker (Interpretations Series) 06/03/22

    Another first Friday is upon us! This month, I wanted to submit the second installment of my “Interpretations” series in which I perform my version of the classic Tori Amos ballad “Baker Baker.” Originally released in 1994 off of her album Under the Pink, I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. There is a palpable vulnerability that conveys the feeling of wanting to recapture something that was forsaken. This film I made incorporates imagery that conveys the emotions and sentiments of the lyrics.

    Watch my interpretation of “Baker Baker” at the player above, and thank you SO MUCH for watching.


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    Roqué’s First Friday Films: MaxZine’s Winter Garden (05/06/22)

    Well, it is that time again! Another first Friday of the month is upon us! I have a new short film to share with all the world. My partner MaxZine has been a dedicated gardener for much of his life. Planting veggies and caring for plants happens all year round. In the winter, he manages to brave the cold temperatures and snow storms to be able to grow fresh vegetables.

    For this month’s First Friday Film, I showcase MaxZine’s Winter Garden. You get a fun and whimsical glimpse into how he manages to garden in even the frostiest conditions.

    To watch more, click below to subscribe to my YouTube channel:

    Thank you for watching and see you next month with another new offering on my channel!