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    Roqué’s First Friday Films: Like a Virgin (Interpretations Series) 08/04/22

    Today is the first Friday of the month! Soon, virgo season will begin, and to acknowledge this wonderful time of the year, I decided to film my cover of the 80’s Madonna classic Like a Virgin for today’s release. My version is stripped down to the vocals to showcase the vulnerability and pure sweetness of this song. I went out into the woods (and “through the wilderness,” so to speak) to film and record this. You can hear the crickets and birds singing along in the background!

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    Roqué’s First Friday Films: MaxZine’s Winter Garden (05/06/22)

    Well, it is that time again! Another first Friday of the month is upon us! I have a new short film to share with all the world. My partner MaxZine has been a dedicated gardener for much of his life. Planting veggies and caring for plants happens all year round. In the winter, he manages to brave the cold temperatures and snow storms to be able to grow fresh vegetables.

    For this month’s First Friday Film, I showcase MaxZine’s Winter Garden. You get a fun and whimsical glimpse into how he manages to garden in even the frostiest conditions.

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    Roqué’s 2021 Year In Review!

    Hello Friends!

    I made a quick recap of the films I have released and featured on my YouTube channel. I released fewer films this year, but this meant that I had more time and space to create pieces that resonated more fully with what I wanted to say. The end result is a small collection of films that I am very proud of.

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    Thank you all for watching!

    There is much more to come in 2022!