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    Roqué’s Friday Films: The Blind Piano Tuner (06/04/21)

    It is officially the first Friday of the month, and I have a new film to show for the occasion. This month, I offer up something completely different from what I’ve presented so far this year. Filmed on a sunny day this past spring, I’ve been working on this new piece for quite a while now.

    I want to save all of the details for when you watch this film, but Mark Newman, a piano tuner based out of Hillsboro, TN, graciously agreed to have me interview him and capture footage of his piano shop. What ensued is the telling of a kind of story that people do not often get to hear. It’s a story about tenacity and a man who, despite challenging circumstances, let his ears and his hands guide him toward a meaningful life doing a valuable trade.

    I hope you enjoy watching “The Blind Piano Tuner.” It was an honor for me to get to make this.

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    Thank you for watching my new film!!


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    Roqué’s Friday Films: The Dance of the Burden (05/07/21)

    Today, the first Friday of May, my new film “The Dance of the Burden” is unveiled to the world. This project started as a seed of an idea a few months ago. I finally gave myself permission to make it. I composed, recorded, and performed all of the music and poetry. I used a location up the creek from my house in the woods. I designed the costuming and the dance choreography. Of course, I filmed and edited it all as well.

    This film was a tender labor of my love.

     My friend HP of Wavelength Music Group did the sound mixing for the music (and gave me a good bit of encouragement to move forward on this project).

    I hope you enjoy this little piece of my art that I’ve shared with the world.

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    Feel free to share this film with friends and anyone who might enjoy it!

    Thank you for watching.


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    Roqué’s Friday Films: Art In Motion (04/02/21)

    It’s that time again! Time for another Friday Film! This time, there’s a mixed bag of fun stuff including live-action art creation, stop-motion segments, harmonized singing, original poetry, and chopsticks!!

    I had a lot of fun making this piece. Drawing and stop-motion are two activities that are incredibly calming and meditative. I also love to make harmonies when I sing, and so, this project was an excuse to do many of my favorite activities.

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    For the foreseeable future, I will be releasing a new film on the first Friday of every month. My life has suddenly been filled with exciting new projects, and I am only human. This new schedule will give me more breathing room and mental space to keep going and creating.

    Thank you all for watching, and I hope you enjoy “Art In Motion.”