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    Roque’s Friday Films (11/06): US Election Comedy Break

    Due to the stress of the ongoing US presidential election, I have decided not to release a new film this week. My anxiety over this contentious election and the soaring rates of Covid-19 have made it hard for me to focus on my film work.

    This week, I wanted to give you all a comedic mental break from all of the stressful madness that is ongoing in the world right now. This post features a few of my comedic films. Above, you can watch the official music video for the song I released last summer called “Cat Daddy”.

    And here is the companion lyric video for the song:

    If you are up for something truly unusual and kooky, here is my short film YUP that is intended to make you chuckle and wonder what the heck did you just watch:

    Lastly, I wanted to share the first installment of my fake comedy show “The Other Foot”. It’s about feet, sort of.

    With so much change and upheaval happening in the world right now, it is important to take care of oneself and have a good laugh whenever possible.

    I will be back next week Friday with a new film for all to see.

    Thank you for watching.


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    Roque’s Friday Films (10/23) Watch Now: Front Porch Music Showcase

    Singer/songwriter Leopard Zeppard is the first performer I am featuring in my new music series in which I film a performance on the front porch of their home.

    Leopard sings a meaningful protest song he wrote called “Fearless Love”. We also get to see a glimpse of the hills of middle Tennessee where he lives.

    I hope you enjoy the heartfelt music and picturesque setting in this special showcase.

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    Thank you all for watching! Check back next week for a new and different film to devour!


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    Roque’s Friday Films! Art In Creation: My Gathered Heart

    It’s Friday! Time for a new edition of Roque’s Friday Films!! This week, I deliver the second installment in my “Art In Creation” series. This one is called “My Gathered Heart”.

    In this series, I film the creation of a piece of visual art and layer it with music I recorded that corresponds with the image being drawn.

    This is a way for me to explore the multi-media layers that film makes possible. I also wanted to create a film that incorporates three of my favorite things:

    Music + Visual Art + Film

    After I sketch out the bones of the drawing in pencil, I use a technique I love called stippling (also known as pointillism) in which the image is created using hundreds (or thousands) of dots. This particular drawing harkens to my love of cubism and, along with the music, conveys an image of a heart with its pieces cobbled (or gathered) together after having been broken.

    If you enjoyed this film, here is the first in the series that I released earlier this year called “Sunshine Flower”:

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    Thank you so much for your support and for watching my films!!!