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    Roqué’s Friday Films (12/04): Roqué Uncovers Billie Jean

    Hooray for Friday!! It’s time for a new film! This week, I dug deep into my archives and found footage I filmed a long time ago of an afternoon spent crafting together and filming my own version of Michael Jackson’s hit pop song “Billie Jean.” This was filmed in the corner of my bedroom with an old camera that had a strange aspect ratio.

    I should warn you that this footage is very dorky. I have short hair and seem to be taking this undertaking quite seriously! I added some flashy 80’s-inspired graphics and fairly cheesy special effects to infuse some snazziness.

    I’ll be covering more songs in the future.

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    Thank you all for watching an Asian boy break it down!!!

    I’ll be back next week with another new film!!


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    Roqué’s Friday Films (11/27): The Sum of My Hands

    Alas!! Another Friday is upon us! I have a new film for you today! In “The Sum of My Hands,” I provide an interior view of my creative life. You get some sense of what drives my creative ideas. It is a life that swims through several different streams that often overlap and converge.

    This film has a new score called “Hands Full,” and it gives the film a melodic consistency despite its mercurial imagery.

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    Thank you all so much for watching my films! The month of December will feature some exciting new releases!! Stay tuned for more!


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    Roque’s Friday Films (11/20): Honor the Truth About Thanksgiving

    It’s Friday! I have a new film for you to watch. This week, I wanted to share my thoughts about what Thanksgiving means to me. The holiday carries a deeper truth within its origins, and this is something that America as a nation will need to reckon with more fully.

    “Honor the Truth About Thanksgiving” features some haunting and beautiful archival photography of Native American tribal members. I layered this film with a percussive score that accents the tumultuous descent of America’s true Thanksgiving legacy.

    As you make plans for the holiday next week, think about what you can do to acknowledge or bring awareness to the truth about Thanksgiving.

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    Thank you all so much for watching my films. I put a lot of thought and effort into them, and it means so much that you can take the time to see them.

    Be safe out there and see you next week!