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    Roqué’s Friday Films (01/01/21): 2020 Year In Review

    Happy New Year! Holy Cow! What a year it’s been! It is time for another Friday film release! This week, I feature a nostalgic look back at over 30 films that I released during 2020.

    I have learned so much more about filmmaking because of all this work. I spent countless hours filming and editing each of these films. I can’t believe I did all of this.

    Thank you to everyone who has watched my films every week during the last few months! I am thrilled that you took the time to enjoy what I’ve done.

    I hope your 2021 will be filled with joy and lots of love.


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    Roqué’s Friday Films (12/18): Season’s Greetings!

    Making this week’s film was a lesson in goofiness! I present to you “Season’s Greetings!” Consider it a holiday greeting card in video form to all of you! It is another stop motion film because I am totally geeking out on stop motion right now!

    For the festivities, I had help from MaxZine and Spree! They contributed to the joy of it all!

    Enjoy this little gift of goofy merriment!!

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    Happy Holidays!!!


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    Roqué’s Friday Films (12/11): Pianos Dancing

    Friday has arrived, and today, I am delivering to you a little film that has been so delightful to make.

    Seriously, it was so much fun.

    “Pianos Dancing” is my first attempt at stop-motion animation. This was something I had always wanted to try out, but I had no idea how fun it would be. The film features pianos dancing while bathed in soft golden light.

    I happen to have an adorable collection of miniature pianos (as one does), and this gave me the perfect opportunity to use them and show them off.

    I hope you enjoy this week’s fanciful creation of dancing pianos!

    A couple of days ago, I announced on Instagram that I would be leaving the platform on January 1st of 2021. This is a big deal for me, but it is something I feel compelled to do. In lieu of my presence there, I will still be active on other platforms. If you are on Instagram and would like to stay connected with me and my films and music, you are welcome to utilize any of these options:

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      I am consolidating my social media presence to one forum. I’ve maintained deep ties with people all over the world through Facebook, and I aim to keep them. I’ll be creating a lot more content on my FB feed in the new year. Add me on Facebook and stay in touch:

    Thank you again for watching this week’s film! Please know that I am deeply grateful that you’ve taken time out of your day to see my work.

    There’s more to come! Happy Holidays!!