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    Roqué’s First Friday Films: Für Elise (Interpretations Series) 09/02/22

    Today is the first Friday of September, and it’s time for another new film to unveil to the world. This month, I present to you my own interpretation of the popular classical music piece by Ludwig Van Beethoven called “Für Elise.”

    My rendition is actually more of a remix and re-imagining of the piece. I wanted to make it more whimsical and brooding, and I am very happy with the result. It starts off traditionally enough with the original melody, but things get a bit awry very soon.

    I also had fun with motion graphics when I edited this film. You see my hands and I literally swirling all over the place. Piano playing is generally a sedentary phenomenon, and as such, I wanted to give this a little bit of fun and pizzaz. I also went for a vintage look with the footage adding noise and all kinds of scratches.

    I hope you enjoy this super fun rendition of one of Beethoven’s most played musical gems. Just press “Play” above to watch it all unfold.

    I’ll see you next month with another brand new film.


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    Roqué’s Friday Films: Art In Motion (04/02/21)

    It’s that time again! Time for another Friday Film! This time, there’s a mixed bag of fun stuff including live-action art creation, stop-motion segments, harmonized singing, original poetry, and chopsticks!!

    I had a lot of fun making this piece. Drawing and stop-motion are two activities that are incredibly calming and meditative. I also love to make harmonies when I sing, and so, this project was an excuse to do many of my favorite activities.

    For those of you who like to watch videos on YouTube, you can see all of my content on my channel. Feel free to subscribe here:

    For the foreseeable future, I will be releasing a new film on the first Friday of every month. My life has suddenly been filled with exciting new projects, and I am only human. This new schedule will give me more breathing room and mental space to keep going and creating.

    Thank you all for watching, and I hope you enjoy “Art In Motion.”


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    Roque’s Friday Films (03/19/21): Winter’s Light

    It is time for my very first new film of 2021 to arrive!

    I present to you “Winter’s Light,” and I’m so excited to finally share this with all of you! This short film is experimental and contemplative in nature. I filmed it in the woods surrounding my house. Along with the spoken word poetry, I composed and performed the music. This film has been an absolute joy to make! Thank you for taking the time to watch it.

    For those of you who use Youtube, please consider subscribing to my channel right here:

    I also have a new Patreon account from which I am able to collect funds to offset the costs of creating my films and music. All patrons get an intimate and advanced look at the projects I’m creating and their support plays a vital role in the art I make. Check out my Patreon site here: https://www.patreon.com/roquemarcelo

    In two weeks, I premiere my next film. Until then, I hope you enjoy “Winter’s Light.”

    Hugs to you,