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    Roque’s Friday Films: MaxZine’s Garden

    Roque’s Friday Films now starts its fall season after a much needed break in September. Today is the World Premiere of a film I have been working on since last Spring. It’s called MaxZine’s Garden and features the vibrant and joyful space where gardener MaxZine Weinstein diligently grows several flowering and edible plants.

    Filming for this project began in April earlier this year in order to capture as many spring, summer, and fall plants as possible on camera. The music heard throughout the film was performed and recorded on my piano at home.

    MaxZine’s garden thrives deep in the hills of middle Tennessee in a town called Liberty.

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    Thank you for watching this week’s film. It’s been a labor of love in the making. There will be more to come every Friday this fall!


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    Roque’s Friday Films (08/28): The Preservation of Self

    As fate would have it, my birthday falls on a Friday this year! I have a very special film release to celebrate the occasion! “The Preservation of Self” was filmed in 2019 as a final project for one of my upper level production classes. What you are seeing today is a revised and updated version that features new footage that I did not include for that class final.

    This film represents my thoughts and feelings about colonialism. It portrays a struggle between an indigenous spirit and a colonial settler. I am extremely proud of how this turned out. It features collaborations with percussionist Joe Allen and producer Rob Tonini for the all of the music that you hear.

    Thank you for watching!