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    Roqué’s Birthday Film Release: Embracing the Ephemeral (08/28/21)

    TODAY, AUGUST 28, IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! In what has now become a tradition, I am releasing one of my films today. Embracing the Ephemeral was a film I made as my Creative Thesis Project of the University Honors College of Middle Tennessee State University during my senior year. It features my family and fellow Filipino immigrants in my community.

    I wanted to make a contemplative documentary exploring the nature of immigration as it effects a person’s culture and identity across time. This project took a year and a half to complete. I was able to secure a grant to buy a camera and audio equipment, and it took a lot of work to finish.

    I am personally very proud of this project, and I am happy to finally share it with the world.

    Please enjoy watching this film and share it with anyone who you think might appreciate it.

    Thank you for watching!!


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    Roqué’s Friday Films: The Kawachinagano Japanese Garden

    Today is the first Friday of the month of August, and it is time to release my newest film project for my YouTube channel. I visited the Kawachinagano Japanese Garden in Carmel, IN, back in June of this year while I was there filming a different project. I was so taken with the place that I decided to film various parts of it. What you see today is my completed vision for this showcase. Complete with brand new poetry and music, this film conveys the intention of this public space as a place for reflection and tranquility. I happen to love Japanese gardens, and this was the perfect opportunity to apply my filmmaking and musical skills toward something I genuinely enjoy.

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    Thank you for taking the time to watch this new film!

    There is definitely more to come in the months ahead!


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    Roqué’s Friday Films: The Blind Piano Tuner (06/04/21)

    It is officially the first Friday of the month, and I have a new film to show for the occasion. This month, I offer up something completely different from what I’ve presented so far this year. Filmed on a sunny day this past spring, I’ve been working on this new piece for quite a while now.

    I want to save all of the details for when you watch this film, but Mark Newman, a piano tuner based out of Hillsboro, TN, graciously agreed to have me interview him and capture footage of his piano shop. What ensued is the telling of a kind of story that people do not often get to hear. It’s a story about tenacity and a man who, despite challenging circumstances, let his ears and his hands guide him toward a meaningful life doing a valuable trade.

    I hope you enjoy watching “The Blind Piano Tuner.” It was an honor for me to get to make this.

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    Thank you for watching my new film!!